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Kissable Lips All Through Winter

Kissable Lips All Through Winter


Did you know that lips dry out 10 times faster than the rest of the skin on your face? Add in that our lips are affected by the cold air and wind outside, dry and heated air inside and are often exposed. It's no wonder they need a little extra attention to stay healthy and kissable.


  1. Don’t lick your lips – this will just make them drier as the enzymes in saliva which are meant to digest food will cause irritation to your lips.

  2. Use lip balm which is ointment based to lock in moisture and help heal any cracks or splits. Those containing petrolatum, essential oils or glycerin work best. One with an added sunscreen will give your lips extra protection.

  3. Avoid lip balms that contain camphor, eucalyptus or menthol as they can have the opposite intention and dry out your lips.

  4. Avoid brushing or rubbing your lips when they are peeling or flaking as this can create cracks and sores.

  5. Treat any cracks straight away or they can become worse and even get infected or lead to a cold sore.

Beauty by Australia proudly offers a number of lip balm products from trusted Australian brands to ensure your lips stay kissable all year long. Our personal favourites are:

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