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Where Care Begins

BBA Beauty was born from care. For ourselves, for others, for our homes, for the environment. Our vision is to create an ethically produced, Australian-made range of beauty and lifestyle products so that you can indulge in a bit of care – whether for your home, friends, family, colleagues, or yourself; whether it’s for a gift, a special occasion or everyday living. From hand wash to hand sanitisers, sunscreen to face scrubs, conditioner to candles, we’ll take care of you.

We speak Australian.

From the wide open Outback to the lush tropical rainforests, from the bountiful coral reefs to the heart of the Red Centre, from brolgas at a billabong to the turquoise blue beaches, from the sunburnt countryside to the bustling cities.

Our ethos, our outlook, our way of life is decidedly Australian.

We dream of a future where Beauty By Australia is available around the globe so that everyone can have a taste of the true-blue Aussie way of life.

This is where care begins...

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