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Winning Winter Hair Tips

Winning Winter Hair Tips

Sometimes winter weather can wreck havoc on our hair – between the cold outside, artificial heating inside, beanies and the like – our hair can really be in a position of needing a little TLC.

Beauty by Australia cares about your hair so we’ve put together OUR TOP 10 TIPS to winning winter hair:

  1. Turn the hot water down in the shower – having the water too hot is not good for our hair and can actually dehydrate it.

  2. Shampooing your hair 2-3 times per week can prevent your hair and scalp from drying out. Why is this important? A dry scalp can lead to dandruff and scalp irritations which, in turn, can lead to increased hair fall.

  3. Use a hair oil treatment on a regular basis. Leave the treatment in for 20 minutes, rinse out and then shampoo and condition your hair as normal.

  4. Double up on conditioner during the cooler weather. If you live somewhere particularly cold you should consider using a deep conditioner or leave-in treatment.

  5. If you usually blow dry your hair make sure that you always use a heat protection product.

  6. When and where possible, allow your hair to air dry. Limit your use of hair dryers and flat irons.

  7. If you’re running short of time, blow dry your hair on a cool setting and use a pre- styling spray or leave-in conditioner.

  8.  Consider wearing a hat or beanie when you go out and never go outside with wet hair during winter – it’s not great for your overall health but it can always cause hair to freeze and break.

  9. Have your hair regularly trimmed to remove any dry and brittle ends.

  10. Eating a balanced diet and staying hydrated is good for you and your hair – it will go a long way towards your hair looking and feeling healthier.


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