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Your summer beauty routine sorted

Your summer beauty routine sorted

Get your sunnies on, ditch the sunburn and show us your summer glow!

Sunburnt skin, patchy tan, dry hair – we’ve all been there! Summer might be the happiest time of the year, but all this fun can come at a cost. It’s the season when your skin needs the most attention and hydration. That’s why having the right skincare routine is so important. Check out our top tips on how to look fabulous as the mercury rises.

Make sunscreen your new best friend

Summer is all about spending time outdoors – going to the beach, catching up with friends for a long lunch, afternoon barbecues… But even a short trip to the grocery store might prove detrimental to your skin if you don’t put sunscreen on when you go out. The direct UV light from the sun can damage your skin, prompting faster ageing, brown spots and wrinkles. Make sure to “slip, slop, slap” on a sunscreen with a high SPF every single day, along with a pair of sunglasses and a hat.

Hunter Lab SPF50+ Facial Sunscreen

Drink H2O like there’s no tomorrow

This tip might seem obvious, but it’s mind-blowing how many people ignore it. Our skin and body need a lot of hydration, especially in the hotter weather, to function well. Make sure you drink around two litres of water every day. Your skin will glow in thanks. Need a quick refreshing face spritz? Try this:

ASPAR Rose Hydrating Facial Hydrosol

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise

Moisturising needs to be part of your daily skincare routine, along with cleansing and applying sunscreen. What really matters is the quality of the moisturiser you use. Many of those have different properties, and you need to pick one that suits best your skin type. Make sure they're lightweight but do heavy duty when it comes to leaving your skin soft and supple.

Do your lips feel drier than the Sahara?

Get them back to their luscious best with a hydrating lip balm that gives them a pampering, protective boost.

Begone dry, damaged hair

When it comes to your hair, don’t take “beach waves” too literally! Summer can take its toll on our locks thanks to the hot, dry weather and salty seawater. So remember to give your tresses some extra TLC this summer with a shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments that are gentle, nourishing and protective. Don't forget that hat!

So there you have it – your summer beauty routine sorted! Keep it simple, keep it sun-safe, keep it smart.

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