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Warm for Winter

Warm for Winter

Brr, it’s cold outside! Winter is on its way and now’s the time to give your home some much-needed warmth for the cooler months ahead. If your house feels chilly rather than comfortable, we’ll tell you how to dial up the cosy factor in your home so that it feels warm and welcoming.

Layer upon Layer

The simplest way to stay warm at home is to have cosy wraps, throws and blankets around your home. They’re perfect to cocoon in while watching a movie or when it gets a bit chilly and you need just one more layer. Store them in decorative wicker baskets or drape them over an armchair when not in use for a stylish look.

Change your Decor

Gravitate towards warmer tones and tactile textures when it comes to your cushion covers, rugs and accessories. Think fluffy sheepskin rugs that feel amazing to walk on and velvety cushions on the couch. When it comes to your bedroom, transform it into a cosy, restful space. Dress your bed in layers of soft flannelette sheets, plush scatter cushions and chunky cable knit throws.

Mind the Gaps

Don’t let cold draughts enter your home through cracks, vents, windows and doors. A cheap way to stop this is by using “door snakes” to keep the area sealed. If you live in an older home, check to see if your insulation needs upgrading. Make sure your windows are well sealed and consider double glazing them. If you’re constantly getting astronomical heating bills, check your power consumption.

Seek the Sun

If your home has a rear-to-north aspect, you’re in luck. Take advantage of the eastern sun in the morning and western sun in the afternoon. Perfect for basking! If your home is in the shade, use decorative mirrors to bounce off light, opt for light/white paint colours and have different light sources like floor lamps, table lamps and pendant lights.

Light my Fire

Nothing says winter like a roaring fireplace. If you have a logfire, keep timber in a warm, dry place which will allow it to light more easily and burn more efficiently. Check that your heating systems are functioning properly – the flues need to be clear and your gas heating and/or fireplace should work efficiently. For fireplaces in older properties that can’t be used, invest in a removable chimney balloon to prevent heat loss.

Scents and Sensibility

The scent you get when you enter a room can lift a mood and banish those winter blues. Warm, spicy scents can help you relax and unwind after a long day at work and scented candles and diffusers always do the trick. Our picks are the Glasshouse Neroli and Pink Pepper or the Circa Mango and Papaya. Mmmm!

So, there you have it. A few tips and tricks are all you need to get your home winter-ready.

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