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Which candle scent matches your personality?

Which candle scent matches your personality?

Choices, choices, choices! Making the right decision is often hard, but it can be fun when it comes to choosing a scent that’s right for you. After all, scents can affect your mood and make or break your day. This playful mini-guide will help you find the candle scent that matches your personality! Ready?

If you’re the most devoted and loyal friend...

If you see yourself as someone who is mellow, sweet and always there for your friends through thick and thin, you will like a tender, inviting scent. Your perfect candle scent would be the Glasshouse A Tahaa Affair – Vanilla Caramel Soy Candle. It will remind you of fun summer times and the evenings full of laughter with your favourite peeps.

If you know how to have fun and truly celebrate life...

Do you think of yourself as the life of the party and everyone’s favourite person? Do you energise everyone around you with your natural charisma? The scent that will inspire you to start your day with happiness and joy is the Glasshouse Montego Bay Rhythm - Coconut Lime Soy Candle. Let your vibrant energy run free and let the fun begin!

If you know what you want and have set your own path in life...

Everyone around you describes you as the most confident person they have ever met. And they’re not wrong: you know what you want and aren’t afraid to ask for it. You live your life in balance and always follow your heart. For all the strong women out there, you can now celebrate your inner power with Glasshouse Forever Florence - Wild Peonies & Lily Soy Candle scent which has just as much definition and confidence as you do.

If you’re not afraid to be different...

You stand out from the crowd, and you’re proud of it. You love to wear bright colours and have crazy adventures. If the music comes on, you’re the first to start dancing. For the free-spirited soul, we have the Glasshouse One Night in Rio - Passionfruit & Lime Triple Scented Soy Candle, so that you can keep on doing what you do best – enjoying life to the fullest!

If you believe that life is beautiful and full of love...

All your friends constantly tell you that you’re the hopeless romantic of the group. You live by your own ideals with your head in the clouds and you’re a creative person at heart. The best scent for you is the light and sweet Glasshouse Kyoto in Bloom  – Camellia & Lotus Soy Candle. Now you can recreate that romantic feeling of the life’s beauties and vibrancies even in your own room!

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